Certificate regarding the ownership over the site of Yovanitsa, 01-03.03.17

Grigor Boykov

Certificate regarding the ownership over the site of Yovanitsa. Страна: Greece. Място: Mount Athos. Хранилище: Holy Monastery of Zograf. Сигнатура: 01-03.03.17. Предишна сигнатура: C.I.03a_17.
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Certificate issued by Mehmed ağa, officer (zabit) of Mount Athos, to the Zograf monastery, attesting the ownership of the latter over a plot of land amounting to 8 dönüms in Yovanitsa region after a dispute with the monastery of Simen. An anual rent of 3 vakiyye wax candles had to be paid by the monks of Simen to the monastery of Zograf for the usage of the property in question Original. Koca Likor Lavar manstırı papa Tanail Koca Mandyo İsaul? manastırı Koca Milan Vatapet manastırı Samu'il Hilândar manastırı Mehmed ağa zabit-i Aynoroz Aynaroz İzgrab Simen Yovaniçe Ottoman Turkish
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1087 (Hidjri) . 1676, 16 March - 5 March 1677 (AD) .