Letter regarding the ownership rights over the site of Yovanitsa, 01-03.03.19

Mariya Kiprovska

Letter regarding the ownership rights over the site of Yovanitsa. Страна: Greece. Място: Mount Athos. Хранилище: Holy Monastery of Zograf. Сигнатура: 01-03.03.19. Предишна сигнатура: C.I.03a_19. Предишна сигнатура: 21 Θ.
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Letter send by Mahmud ağa ('an bostaniyan-i hassa) to Mehmed, an officer (zabit) of the Imperian Guards (hassa bostancılar) on Mount Athos, stipulating the conditions under which a dispute which has previously arisen between the monasteries of Zograf and Hilandar is to be resolved. The two monasteries were having an argument over the locality of Yovaniçe, property of the Zograf monastery, but where the sheep and goat of the Hilandar Monastery were grazing and causing damage. Hilandar monks had to conform to the situation and not violate the borders of the mentioned locality in possession of Zograf. Original. Ottoman Turkish
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