Letter regarding the pasture usage in Yovanitsa district, 01-03.03.20

Mariya Kiprovska

Letter regarding the pasture usage in Yovanitsa district. Страна: Greece. Място: Mount Athos. Хранилище: Holy Monastery of Zograf. Сигнатура: 01-03.03.20. Предишна сигнатура: C.I.03a_20. Предишна сигнатура: № 14 Θ.
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Letter sent by Mustafa kethüda (kaymakam-i bostaniyan-i hassa) to the officer (zabit) Ahmed Bey concerning the use of the winter pastures (kışla) in Yovaniçe, over which the monasteries of Zograf and Simen were laying claims Original. Ahmed Bey zabit-i Aynoroz Mustafa kethüda kaymakam-i bostaniyan-i hassa Aynoroz İzgraf Simen Yovaniçe Ottoman Turkish
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1108, gurre-i Şevval (Hidjri) . 1697, 23 April (AD) .